Don’t be alarmed!

Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty.

“How difficult could it be”, I thought to myself. One or two delicate rap’s with my favorite hammer and it will be good to go, right?

Changing hosts for the Mercy Wings International (MWi) blog was supposed to be a seamless and automated process. However, no matter how skillful the hammer blow delivered, much of the content from years ago was lost in the “seamless and automated”  transition.

As I mourned the loss of the content, a brilliant thought flashed across my mind. Its a new year, why not a new blog-site? Yes, gone are some of the beloved articles and images from the first days when MWi returned to Guatemala in 2008. But, as the new year begins, keep a close eye on Mercy Wings as we begin to extend our mission by changing our way of ………………. but that’s another story